Selena Gomez attends The Alliance For Children’s Rights dinner on April 7, 2014

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SHUT UP! : for that dumb blogger who thinks it’s legit to talk about you 24/7. for the twitter users who are too dumb to lock their accounts before trash talking. for that friend who is…not really your friend at all! sit down and fix your Martini with their salty tears.

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Caught in the act…cats don’t do guilty.

Look at that fluffy tail. 

He knows he is doing bad.

look at how he shuts the drawer

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lil wayne vs justin bieber

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best of dean winchester (1/?)
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IN THE END EVERYTHING COLLIDES ;; a season two elena gilbert fanmix

for the girl who battled death and spat in its face

i. wires — athlete »» ii. warrior — foxes »» iii. gods & monsters — lana del rey »» iv. wake me up — madilyn bailey »» v. woman king — iron & wine »» vi. raise your weapon — deadmau5 »» vii. mouthful of diamonds — phantogram »» viii. amen omen — ben harper »» ix. hallelujah — imogen heap »» x. i should go — levi kreis


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U guys have never seen a full body shot of me huh?

I was gonna delete this because after I posted it I got around 5 anons saying really disgusting things to me after I voiced in the tags how much of a step it took for me to post this on here because of extreme self hate but I’m not because that anon is shitty and I shouldn’t let their opinion affect me emotionally so much and I guess I need to start applying that to my everyday life because I’m tired of having a panic attack everytime I have to get on or off the bus and I’m tired of looking in the mirror and spewing hate to myself and I’m tired of always being sad and today marks the day of change within myself to know that I’m beautiful and regardless of what other people may think of me or my size I know I’m the shit so they can sniff it and eat it. I’m going somewhere with my life :)

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Michael Trevino is a terrific actor. He’s very skilled. He’s very talented. He’s very well trained. And he’s capable of almost anything. - Kevin Williamson

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favourite character meme Relationships [3/4]

↪  Bonnie Bennett & Matt Donovan

"You don’t want to be part of all this, Matt. You’re the only one of us who actually gets to live their life like a normal person, no matter how lost you feel. Don’t forget that."

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